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Truck crane Puyuan QY50H, 50 tons

Dart lenth: 45 meters, Weighted craft: 50 tons

Ціна: от 1600 грн/час

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Truck Crane Zoomlion QY5OH

Hydraulic crane mounted on a six-axle chassis PY5400, equipped with a powerful (260kV) 6 cylinder engine WD615.67A TIER3 with electronic direct injection.

Hydrulic system is easy to operate.

Realiable security system 

A complete security system will reliably protect you.

  • Fully automatic torque limiter with automatic detection and warning functions.
  • The special autoatic pressure control device effectively prevents lowering for the second time during the lift and ensures the installation works.
  • The side-mounted hydraulic stopper effectively prevents crash during the lifting .
  • The protection of the wire from twisting guarantees high efficiency  of lifting operations and increases the service life of cable.
  • At the rear of the machine is a high rotary table, moving in both directions, which allows you to work in all directions in  sufficient range                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Operator's cab 
  • Spacious, with a wide field of view. Equipped with devices that make the working environment comfortable: an UV protection shield; ana ai conditioner deigned for cooling; heater; adjustable cushione seat.
  • A large liquid crystal screen and a shok-proof pressure sensor display the state during the lifting and workinf pressure at any time, which alolows lifting operations to be performed.
  • To control the top of the crane is amnual proportional control, as well as electo-hydraulic proportional control
  • Unique manual proportional control combines the benefits of traditional leverage and electro-hydraulic proportional control. At the same time, not onlly is the simple and reliable principle of lever management in the proportional contol system is also realized, and the load-baring feedback function is implement.
  • Pressure and feedback compensating functions, taking into account th load inn the electro-hydraulic system of proportional control, eliminate the difficulty in control. Separate movements never interfere with each other.


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